Locandina SOTB

"The Italian "Swing Craze" Festival"

Eighth edition of the Italian Swing Festival dedicated to the "Swing Craze", that finally returns to its original location, right in the center of the city of Pescara, on the beach, behind the Nave di Cascella, thanks to the participation of the Municipality.
The program boasts an international level cast on all fronts: bands, teachers and DJs!
Free admission for concerts and after the Festival; workshops to be booked.

As per tradition, the Festival is dedicated to the "History of Swing" and there will be European artists with several decades of Swing on their shoulders, artists present when Frankie Manning arrived in Europe in the 80s, artists who met Norma Miller and attended and organized events for Them and with Them; artists who have invested their lives and entrusted their dreams to Swing, played and danced.

There will be several tributes to the international stars of Abruzzese origin of the Swing years and a special one with the the President of the Association "Amici dell'Eremo Dannunziano" will be dedicated to the unreleased relationship between Gabriele D’Annunzio and Jazz.

Also this eighth edition will make us literally travel from the 20s, in which it began to germinate the Swing music, until the 2000s passing through the different facets of syncopated music and through different dance genres like Tip-Tap, Charleston, Savoy Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Jive, Boogie ... from Lindy Hop to Hip-Hop thanks to Hep hep! As usual, lights on the young and late music bands with the 4th contest for emerging groups "Saranno Swingosi", and the best of them, voted by a chosen jury, will come by right in the 9th edition.
Don't forget the "Taka-Tiki" party at 12.00 in mid-August !!
After parties from 00.30.

In case of bad weather the events will be held at the Swing Craze Club in Via Verrotti, 61 in Montesilvano (Pe).


Miss Norma Miller

Unfortunately, the eighth edition of Swing on the Beach Festival will not see the physical presence of Her Majesty the "Queen of Swing", Miss Norma Miller, who passed last May the 5th, after 100 years of intense life;
She will be present in the heart of all those who have known her and who will remember her with pleasure during the 4 evenings of the Festival, thanks to dance, music and talk-shows.

STOB 2016
STOB 2016 - 2

Association founded in 2010 with the aim of spreading music, dance, culture, customs and style of the 30s and 40s. It has its registered office in Pescara and in recent years has managed to create a vast movement around Swing both national and international.

The Italian Swing Dance Society boasts an organization and a structure virtually unique in Italy, as it organizes 2 Festivals ("Swing on the Beach" and "LOT - Lindy Old Timers", dedicated to original Swing dancers), manages 2 musical bands (the Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra and the Hoofers Club), has 2 DJs (Lady Swing and Big Daddy), a MC (Big Daddy), has a dance school, organizes weekly dance evenings and has a club dedicated to Swing (Swing Craze Club).

Thanks to the Italian Swing Dance Society, many musical groups, DJs and dance teachers have come to Italy for the first time, including Norma Miller, Chester Whitmore, Simon Selmon, Per Mogesen, Ian Hartley and the couple Joseph Sewell & Charlotte Middlemiss.

Lady Swing:
Festival’s engine, dance teacher, DJ, singer, event organizer (Swing on the Beach - LOT Lindy Old Timers), volcano in continuous eruption!

Big Daddy:
Band leader of the "Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra" and of the "Hoofers Club", double bass player, singer, arranger, MC (Swing Crash - Swing on the Beach - Swing 'n' Milan - Rome Lindy Exchange - You wanna be Americano - Perugia Swing Festival), DJ, dance teacher, artistic director (Swing on the Beach - LOT Lindy Old Timers), "cultural agitator", incurable passionate about the syncopated rhythm and all that makes "SWING"!

website: Italian Swing Dance Society
info: +39 3479912712